Durga Krishna: ‘I Want To Experiment With Different Characters And Genres’

‘Vimanam’ actress Durga Krishna is on a roll. The dove-eyed beauty’s kitty is full of exciting projects, including ‘Kudukku 2025’ and ‘Ram’ among others. The diva who was last seen playing a journalist in ‘Confessions of a Cuckoo’ tells us she is picking roles with care and precision. “I am not interested in doing a lot of movies, just for the sake of it. I want to experiment with different characters and genres,” Durga Krishna says, in an interview.

Durga Krishna will be next seen in ‘Kudukku 2025’, wherein she will be playing Eve. The actress tells us that the character is very special to her. “Adding to what I earlier mentioned, Eve is a character, very different from the ones I have played in the past. There is space to perform and at this juncture of my career, I am looking for exactly that. I think as artists, we all crave such a space, where we would be able to perform. Instead of being the heroine or the central character, getting a character, where there is scope for performance is what matters for me. I am interested in doing such performance-oriented roles,” she adds.

In her recent outing ‘Confessions of a Cuckoo’, Durga Krishna went de-glam and the actress shares that looking pretty (according to conventional beauty standards) on screen was never her concern. “For the role in the film, I had to change my appearance, tone down to fit in the shoes of the character, but looking a certain way on the screen was never my concern. I just want the character to shine,” Durga emphasizes.

Durga is a trained classical dancer and we asked her whether she has a dream of portraying a dancer on screen. “During the initial stages of my career, I used to wish that, but I think I have a different perspective now. We artists are lucky to live many lives in one life. You get to be a doctor, engineer, a grandma even when you are still in your adulthood, switch genders on the screen. You can be different individuals, who belong to different strata, do different things, and look different. That is a very rare opportunity, I think only artists get. I am a dancer in real life, so why worry about not being one on the reel?” Durga sums up.

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