DMX’s Fiancee Desiree Lindstrom Reveals Their Son Has Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Washington [US], March 12 (ANI): Late rapper DMX’s fiancee Desiree Lindstrom recently opened up about the stage 3 kidney disease of their 5-year-old son Exodus Simmons.

Page Six reported that Lindstrom opened up about Simmons’ stage 3 kidney disease on the ‘It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper’ podcast. “He still has stage 3 kidney disease,” Lindstrom said insinuating that Exodus had the disease since birth or shortly after.

There are five stages of chronic kidney disease. At stage 3, according to the National Kidney Foundation, about half of a patient’s kidney function has been lost.

“I just continue to keep his potassium down. He can’t eat high-potassium foods. He goes to the doctor very often. I make sure that his creatinine levels are at the levels that they need to be to keep him stable,” Lindstrom explained of how she manages Exodus’ condition.

She also shared that as of now “Exodus is stable” and that he has “been stable” since she had him.
“He’s an amazing child,” she gushed while telling “a lot’s been going on” and that there had been “a lot of different changes” since DMX’s fatal overdose.

Lindstrom shared that for stability, she is currently studying to become an aesthetician.

“I’m learning how to do facials, waxing, trying to build myself. I just want to build myself to be a great mother to Exodus. I want him to see that he has a strong mother, for one, that can stand up on her own. And I’m just trusting in God through the process,” she explained.

DMX died at age 50 on April 9, 2021, one week after suffering a drug overdose.

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