Did Rakul Preet Singh Undergo Lip Surgery?

It is common for celebrities to go for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks. Even some actors and actresses have openly admitted that they had to undergo lip, nose, and jaw surgeries before.

However, there are a few celebs who don’t admit it publicly, it’s only their fans who speculate and identify the changes spotting the differences in their facial expressions from their earlier films.

Now there is one pic going viral on the internet, which Rakul Preet Singh herself shared on her Instagram handle, and it shows a clear difference in her face.

No doubt she looks more classy in the pic but many have started speculating that she might have gone for cosmetic surgery as she looks different in the latest picture. This is clearly seen comparing it with her previous pictures posted though some argue it could be due to the filter in the photo enhancement app. Some are suggesting that it could be the result of lip surgery. However, the leading lady of ‘Konda Polam’ opposite Panja Vaisshnav Tej is yet to talk about the same.

She currently has 8 films lined up for release, of which three films have already completed their shoot and 4 films are still to be shot while 1 film got delayed due to unknown issues between the producer and director of the film. In Telugu, she has ‘October 31st Ladies Night’ apart from ‘Kondapolam’.

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