Damage and post-damage fund approved for flood-affected countries

Damage and post-damage fund approved for flood-affected countries

Considering the devastation caused by climate change’s devastation, developed countries decided to help developing countries on Sunday this week. They have also vowed that all countries should work together to mitigate the effects of climate change.

We will work together to reduce. Due to continuous requests from developing countries, developed countries have proposed a damage and post-damage fund that will spend on the people of countries affected by climate disasters.

This year has been at an all-time high in terms of change, an example of which is the devastating floods in Pakistan that washed away thousands of homes and left millions without their homes and valuables.

Pakistan and other flood victims called on the rich countries at COP27 to help them in this matter because the nations are responsible in these situations where rich people are causing this climate change.

According to a rough estimate in Pakistan, The recent floods have also sounded the alarm of drought this year on some other islands of the world. Surprisingly, the UN did not discuss climate change during the visit to Egypt.

This commitment at COP27  said that the UN would show seriousness in this matter and help the progressive countries.

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