Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin In Red; Ether, Dogecoin Retreat 5%

Cryptocurrency prices continue to be in the red on July 13. The global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.37 trillion, a 3.05 percent decrease over the last day, while the total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours is $62.75 billion, which makes an 18.86 percent increase.

The volume of all stable coins is now $47.54 billion – 75.76 percent of the total crypto market 24-hour volume. Bitcoin’s price is currently $34,150.06 and its dominance is currently 45.45 percent, an increase of 0.09 percent over the day.

This comes after trading volumes at major cryptocurrency exchanges fell by more than 40 percent in June, research showed on July 12, with a regulatory crackdown in China and lower volatility among the factors depressing activity.

Spot trading volumes fell 42.7 percent to $2.7 trillion, with derivative volumes down 40.7 percent to $3.2 trillion, London-based researcher CryptoCompare’s data showed.

“Headwinds continued as China persisted with its crackdown on bitcoin mining,” CryptoCompare said. “As a result of both lower prices and volatility, spot volumes decreased.”

On 13 July these are the prices of 10 largest cryptocurrencies :

1Bitcoin BTC$33,198.58-2.77%-1.85%$622,444,887,613$24,261,989,741 731,031 BTC18,754,700 BTC
2Ethereum ETH$2,032.24-4.86%-8.52%$237,358,204,708$17,619,612,748 8,660,509 ETH116,667,885 ETH
3Tether USDT$1.000.00%-0.03%$62,226,485,903$41,146,965,524 41,133,037,623 USDT62,205,422,762 USDT
4Binance Coin BNB$315.72-2.76%4.11%$48,593,553,449$1,612,932,710 5,092,794 BNB153,432,897 BNB
5Cardano ADA$1.31-2.76%-7.75%$42,030,332,494$1,215,813,020 926,853,231 ADA32,041,069,499 ADA
6XRP XRP$0.63-1.48%-4.58%$29,083,434,758$1,894,279,430 3,007,289,925 XRP46,171,815,477 XRP
7Dogecoin DOGE$0.21-4.85%-12.00%$26,829,913,386$979,146,924 4,759,340,917 DOGE130,412,200,079 DOGE
8USD Coin USDC$1.00-0.01%-0.02%$26,304,571,409$1,883,392,328 1,882,541,993 USDC26,292,695,139 USDC
9Polkadot DOT$14.94-3.55%-2.63%$14,552,102,726$676,860,069 45,341,498 DOT974,816,175 DOT
10Uniswap UNI$19.39-6.87%-6.27%$11,422,559,012$351,211,915 18,057,530 UNI587,289,871 UNI

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