Congress releases stamps to oppose fuel price hike

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India]: Indore unit of Congress, which has been continuously opposing the inflation of LPG and petroleum products, released postage stamps to mark their concern on the issue on Monday.
Vivek Khandelwal, Congress Secretary of Madhya Pradesh issued the stamps in front of the media in Indore. Speaking on the occasion, Khandelwal said, inflation is increasing in the country, “whether its gas, petrol or ration, but the Modi government is sitting silent. While slamming centre, he said before 2014, inflation was a “witch” for them and now it looks like an “angel”.”
Adding to this, congress secretary said, two types of postage stamps have been made, one on “inflation”, in which inflation is sitting on the common man as a witch, the other ticket is of a gas tank in which it is written, “Abki baar gas 1000 ke paar”, Congress Secretary Vivek Khandelwal said.
Congress workers have issued a postage stamp today. Its purpose is that the central government and the state government are not able to control inflation, for the purpose of telling it to the general public, a postage stamp has been issued, Senior Congress leader Sajjan Singh Verma said in this matter.
Comparing to the previous government Verma slammed the centre for rising prices. when crude oil is $ 70 per barrel then why is petrol Rs 112 litre? he said.
“During Manmohan Singh government, when crude oil was $ 134 per barrel, we used to sell petrol for Rs 68 litre,” he added.

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