Clubhouse to soon let users pin links to top of rooms

Washington [US]: The audio social networking app Clubhouse will soon allow its users to share outside links and monetize their work on the platform.
The Verge confirmed the same by quoting Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison and global head of marketing Maya Watson who recently announced a new pinned links feature, which allows moderators to place outside links at the top of a room. These links would direct listeners to whatever moderators want, including a news article, or a podcast.
Certain links would not be allowed for security and moderation reasons, as per The Verge.
Paul Davison did not name the types of links that would not be allowed, but he reportedly suggested links to ‘OnlyFans’ would fall in that category as links to porn or explicit content are banned.
Anyone would be allowed to add, change, or remove a link, so long as they are a moderator of a room and regardless of the number of followers they have.
As per The Verge, Clubhouse will not charge or take a cut of revenue from any transactions that occur through the link, although Paul Davison said the team “would likely share news in the upcoming months about ways in which the app itself will monetize, like through ticketed rooms and subscriptions.”
The feature will roll out on October 27 for both iOS and Android.

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