China seeks prompt summit of five permanent members of UN Security Council

New York [US]: China’s Permanent Representative to the UN Zhang Jun said on Tuesday (local time) that Beijing wants a prompt summit of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, China, the US, France, the UK) to hold a discussion on a number of global issues, a media report said.
Expressing the country’s desire to hold the summit, Zhang said, “It’s our strong wish that this summit can be held as early as possible,” according to Sputnik. He emphasised that Beijing wants to convene the summit “because of the fact that we have so many global challenges ahead of us”.
Underling the need to convene the summit, Zhang stressed that “there are so many global challenges ahead of us. And we have many peace and security issues.”
Referring to the fellow members view over holding a meet, he said P5 members Russia and France have echoed China’s call to convene the summit, reported Sputnik.
“Actually, China, Russia and France all have a proposed to have a P5 Summit, Zhang said, adding, “and since then, we have had discussions on this issue, and exploring the possibilities. Discussions are still going on.”

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