China might drop a Nuclear Bomb on Taiwan, predicts war game experts

Taipei [Taiwan]: Taiwan has actually become a hot spot amid the Russia-Ukraine war. China could end up by dropping a nuclear weapon if it attacks Taiwan. Experts are worried. The war game experts are researching and investigating the Russia’s failed intrusion of Ukraine and are of opinion that China might use nuclear bomb against Taiwan.

The original insigts are  that China would certainly try to attain a speedy decapitation of Taiwan’s leadership. In doing so, it would pre-emptively assault US bases in Japan and also Guam.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and China’s President Xi Jinping shake hands. China will get full support from Russia if it attacks Taiwan.

The US would likely react by hitting Chinese ports and activating its allies, in the war-game scenario. This would cause further acceleration as well as China taking extreme procedures, reported Taiwan News.
” Neither Beijing nor Washington is likely to have the upper hand after the initial week of the dispute, suggesting that it would at some point end up being a lengthy conflict,” NBC Information mentioned CNAS experts as stating. “The war game demonstrated exactly how quickly the conflict might escalate, with China as well as the United States going across red lines.” (ANI).

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