Changing The Dynamics Of Real Estate Industry

New Delhi [India], August 30 : The online real estate portal has come up with a very attractive offer for its customers as it is giving them a chance to buy or sell their properties without bearing the burden of paying brokerage charges.
This offer is really a very lucrative one especially in today’s times when every penny counts and people have start believing that a penny saved is a penny earned. The real estate sector has suffered a setback, just like many other businesses and industries, in the times of the coronavirus pandemic but it also compelled the market players to shift their focus towards other aspects of the industry. Earlier people liked to make a personal visit to the sites, locations, houses, etc. before buying or renting them but due to the pandemic, clients are more interested in checking out all the information online.
In such a scenario, online portals such as are of great help to consumers as they can see all the details online without even making a visit to the proper location. which is headquartered in Mumbai came into existence in 2019 and since then, it has been helping buyers and sellers by providing them with an online platform to get in touch with each other.
What makes online platforms such as more popular among the buyers is that they make the task of searching house easy and convenient for them while the sellers are able to display their property on a platform which is being visited by a huge number of online users and as a result, their reach gets a significant boost.
With time, these online portals have also evolved in a big manner and now they not only list the sites as per the criteria entered by the customers but also give an option of comparing the particular property with other properties available in that area whether the customer is looking for buying or selling. If this is not enough, these portals go to the extent of telling the customer about the malls, religious places, hospitals, schools, cinema halls, parks, etc. which are near the property in order to give them a clear idea as to which location will suit their requirements the most. These portals also inform users about distance and time that it will take to reach the nearest bus station or airport.
With all this information at their disposal, the customers are in a very good position to decide and shortlist the minimum number of properties that they want to visit which not only saves their time but also saves them from making or receiving unnecessary calls. What’s more, the customer doesn’t need to pay any extra charges for this purpose and they are also saved from the hassle of dealing with agents and brokers as they are in a position to deal directly with the owners or the builders.
The increasing interest of the consumers in searching properties on the online portals such as from the comfort of their homes has also proved beneficial for the real estate companies as for them, the biggest advantage of having a strong online presence is that they don’t need to open offices at all their working locations. By having an online portal, a company can operate all over the country and it just needs to have a centralized office for carrying out its operations. The companies that have digitalized their operations have certainly experienced an increase in their businesses as the customers are not in the mood of getting exhausted by visiting each and every property and it is not safe in the times of the pandemic either.
There is no denying the fact that soon all the real estate businesses will be done through online property portals so now whether you want to list your property or buy or rent it, visit any online portal like and get registered.

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