Camilla Might Opt Out Of Wearing The Controversial Kohinoor Diamond Crown To King Charles III’s Coronation

London [UK]: King Charles III took over the reins of the British Monarchy after the Queen’s loss of life last month. His coronation ceremony could be hung on May 6, as in step with the reputable assertion of Buckingham Palace.

One query but that has garnered the most interest is whether Queen Consort Camilla will put on the Kohinoor.

According to a Page Six document, Camilla might opt out of carrying the debatable crown as it may cause an international upset.

According to experts’ reviews on Page Six, Kohinoor is not likely to be seen on the rite.

The Kohinoor was with Queen Elizabeth II till she breathed her last, and it has now been passed on to Camilla as she is the Queen Consort now.

The crown in query became worn with the aid of the Queen Mother at her coronation with her husband, King George VI, in 1937.

Kohinoor often touted as the most treasured diamond in the World, weighs around a hundred and five.6 carats.

The diamond was discovered in India in the 14th century. If we go by way of the records of the diamond, the valuable diamond was discovered in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh during the reign of the Kaaktiya Dynasty.

It was used as one eye of the deity in a Hindu temple in Warangal, and then Malik Kafoor (Alauddin Khilji’s General) looted it. After being exceeded directly by the many rulers of the Mughal Empire, Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh possessed it in Lahore, post which he came to Punjab.

The diamond was given to Queen Victoria in 1849 following the annexation of Punjab during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s son Dileep Singh’s rule.

The Kohinoor diamond is presently set within the Queen’s crown, stored within the Tower of London’s Jewel House, and is offered to the public.

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