Cambodia: Covid-19 infected woman forced to work by Chinese-owned casino dies

A woman in Cambodia employed at a Chinese-owned casino died after owners forced her to continue working even as she was infected with the coronavirus.

Phnom Penh [Cambodia] October 2 : The deceased woman identified as Hean Sreynich was employed at The Century Casino. Hean who contracted the COVID-19 virus five days ago, died of food poisoning and dehydration, Radio Free Asia reported citing a doctor consulted by the victim’s family.
The dead woman’s family has also urged Cambodian authorities to order the Chinese owner to pay them compensation for forcing her to continue working while ill, Ros Leng, cousin of Sreynich said.
“The casino did not inform the family about Hean Sreynich’s death or offer to pay them her salary.
The family learned about her death from her coworkers, Ros added.
Days ago, news that 437 workers of the casino had contracted the virus had also spread after a group of employees live-streamed on Facebook, Radio Free Asia reported.
The employees said that they were forced to perform their jobs, including managing online gambling platforms, while they were ill and that they had been forced to remain inside the building since March without any treatment.

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