Benefits Of Foot Massage As Per Ayurveda

Our feet are domestic to essential marma points, nerve endings and ‘blood’ capillaries. Holistic sciences like Ayurveda and Chinese remedy don’t forget the ft as an essential organ of nicely-being,” says Dr. Varalakshmi, Ayurvedic Doctor and Wellness Coach, in her latest Instagram post. She shared a few outstanding advantages of foot rub down as in step with Ayurveda.

Improves eyesight: Our ft keep four crucial factors associated with our eyes. Massaging the feet regularly enables you to enhance your eyesight, is imaginative and prescient, and soothes your eyes.

Balances Vata: Feet hold many nerve endings and blood capillaries governed by Vata’s movement. Massaging the toes helps with guiding the vata in the proper direction.

Keeps you grounded: Our feet are the structures thru which we are connected to the earth. Taking care of them and massaging them enables us to maintain us grounded.

Enhances sleep: An authentic foot massage now not the most effectively relaxes our worn-out feet but it soothes burdened thoughts too. A correct foot rubdown can position you to the mattress quicker than a pill.

Foot health: Last but not least, it improves foot health and strengthens the joints and muscle tissues of the ft. Aids in situations with circulation issues like diabetes.

Right way to massage your feet: Take a little bit of warm oil and lightly rub down into the soles of your ft. Start from the feet and circulate down. • Use warm oils like sesame, brahmi for this. Avoid massaging on active wounds, cuts, scrapes or whilst having an acute infection.

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