‘Badava Rascal’ First Glimpse Out Now

Today, the team of Badava Rascal gave the first glimpse into their film. The video shows Rascal, played by Dhananjaya and his gang of boys. The film is directed by debutant director Shankar Guru and the first glimpse released today has striking visuals by Preetha Jayaraman and massy music by Vasuki Vaibhav.

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When Bangalore Times had first caught up with the actor and director, they had shared a peek into the world of Badava Rascal. “I have to thank Yogaraj Bhat, for he had registered this title long back. He was gracious enough to give it to us, when he heard about our team,” says Dhananjaya, hinting that the title is also in many ways symbolic of their team as it is of their story. He adds, “We are all badava rascals, so there was no way that Yogaraj Bhat could have said no. Shankar is a former courier bo, while I come from a family of farming background.”

The camaraderie that Dhananjaya and Shankar share stemmed from their first meeting during the making of Director’s Special. “It was around then that I got to know Dhananjaya and we share a similar passion towards films. I decided around then that I would only make my first film with him. I’m glad that it is through Badava Rascal. This is a story most middle class people will connect to. It could be a story of anyone. It talks about the phase of a youngster from a middle class household when he is out of college and is taking his time to stabilize himself financially as a young adult. This is when he is called badava rascal by everyone,” says Shankar.

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