Asim Riaz Says, Sidharth Shukla’s ‘Bigg Boss 13’ Win Was Rigged

It has been 3 years for the reason that Sidharth Shukla’s Bigg Boss 13 won, following which the late actor and Shehnaaz Gill were visible collectively on the Salman Khan-hosted display, won an ardent fan following. Asim Riaz was the first runner-up of the season. Now, in a brand new interview, Asim has alleged that Sidharth, who died in 2021, won the display after the makers of Bigg Boss modified the layout of the show last minute and made sure that only Sidharth won.

Asim’s announcement has been slammed not simply by fans of the late actor but also Shehnaaz’s brother. Some felt that Asim should not have spoken about Sidharth Shukla winning the trophy unfairly since he is no more.

A clip that has been doing the rounds on social media suggests Asim Riaz telling Siddharth Kannan for the duration of the latest interview, “Mere dauran unhone kya kiya just because they didn’t want to make me win… they declared aaj hi hum online voting khol denge. 15 minute ke dauran… jeetana hai jeetao jisko (The Bigg Boss makers just did not want me to win, they opened voting in a new way just so Sidharth could win). Come on man, just say you don’t want to make me win. You made it so obvious that we had to believe that you did it.. whatever. But I was like… okay.” The video appears to have also caught the attention of Shehnaaz’s brother Shehbaz Badesha, who tweeted, “Some people still don’t understand sher ek hi hai aur ek hi rehta hai.

After Sidharth died of a heart attack in 2021, Asim Riaz, who had a tenuous relationship with the actor on Bigg Boss 13, had shared multiple photographs of the 2 of them together at the display and written in his Instagram caption, “I m gonna meet you in heaven brother… RIP Sidharth Shukla.”

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