Armie Hammer Still At Rehabilitation Centre Getting Treated For Addiction

It’s been months since actor Armie Hammer was spotted checking himself into a rehabilitation centre in Florida to get treatment for several addiction issues, and reports say he is still there.

Sources close to Hammer told TMZ that the actor is “thriving” in the Florida facility, and those around him feel “he has changed” (for the better) from when he arrived. Sources also said that the change could be heard by taking notice of the difference in his voice.

Reportedly, the ‘Call Me by Your Name’ actor has kept in constant contact with his kids and loved ones. He video calls them regularly and shares his progress.

As per TMZ, there has been no word on the exact timeline for when he will complete the treatment, but he is willing to do “whatever it takes”.

Sources disclosed to the outlet that Hammer has realised that he was in an incredibly dangerous place before treatment and does not want to go back to that phase.

Hammer checked himself in at a rehab facility outside of Orlando on May 31 amid several months of sexual abuse allegations and has been getting treatment since then. The actor has agreed to stay at the property as long as it takes him to get healthy.

The 34-year-old actor has been in a custody battle in his and Elizabeth Chamber’s ongoing divorce and has also been accused of several sexual assaults since January.

Hammer, was dropped from several movies including the much-anticipated ‘The Offer’, Jennifer Lopez’s action-comedy ‘Shotgun Wedding’, the thriller drama ‘Billion Dollar Spy’ and the Broadway show ‘The Minutes’ in January after several women accused him on social media of sending them explicit messages about rape and cannibalism.

After losing several roles in the wake of alleged social media misdemeanour, the Golden-Globe nominee was also accused of ‘violent’ rape by a woman named Effie, who claimed to be Hammer’s ex-girlfriend. She claimed during a press conference in March that Hammer had ‘violently’ raped her in 2017 for over four hours.

Hammer however denied all the allegations at that time saying “all of his interactions with [Effie]– and every other sexual partner of his for that matter- have been completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.

As for a report that he was recently “replaced” by Noah Reid in Broadway’s ‘The Minutes’, sources confirmed TMZ that Hammer was never officially signed on for that project. He had verbal talks for the role pre-pandemic, but they were only talks.

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