Argentina Cops arrest man for aiming weapon on Vice President Cristina Kirchner

Buenos Aires [Argentina]: Argentina Cops on Thursday evening arrested a man for aiming a weapon at the nation’s Vice Head of state and former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in front of your home in Buenos Aires, local media reported.
According to the authorities report, the alleged assailant is a 35-year-old Brazilian national, identified as Fernando Andres Sabag Montiel, Sputnik reported. The viral video footage of the event revealed that the accused presumably came close to the vice head of state intending a weapon inches far from her head as well as appeared to try a shot, yet the gun did not fire. The vice president’s life is not believed to be at risk.
The weapon utilized by the criminal was discovered “a few meters from the place”, as per the police record.
In addition, authorities confirmed that the Judicial Interventions brigade had moved to the area. The attacker’s motives and the information of the event are not clear at the moment, as the police are exploring.
Montiel supposedly has a background of lugging non-legal weapons, and also the authorities supposedly apprehended him in 2021 for having a blade, Sputnik reported.
Argentina president Alberto Fernandez is anticipated to make a tv address to the nation quickly.
On Monday, the Argentinian security minister specified that they would expand Kirchner’s security to her residence too after a clash burst out in front of her house as a prosecutor asked for a sentence of 12 years in prison for Kirchner that was charged with a corruption instance.
On one side, individuals hoisted banners that implicated her of being a “burglar” and also banged pots and pans, while on the other, her backers sang political chants and also lifted as well as down in boisterous assistance.
Police made use of tear gas and also batons to disperse the Fernandez de Kirchner advocates, in what her allies denounced as a program of excessive violence. A lawmaker for the ruling Frente de Todos coalition was quickly arrested.
This follows a lead district attorney in the case asked a federal court in Buenos Aires to sentence Fernandez de Kirchner to 12 years in jail as well as prohibit her from holding public office for the rest of her life.
Fernandez de Kirchner is among 13 individuals charged in the supposed “Causa Vialidad”, which centres on the awarding of public works contracts in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, where she and her late other half, former Head of state Nestor Kirchner, cemented their political professions.
The instance concentrates on a 12-year period, starting in the very early 2000s, throughout which 51 contracts were granted to firms possessed by Lazaro Baez, a businessman that was a good friend and also partner of the Kirchners.
Baez, who was founded guilty last year of money laundering, went from being a bank employee to starting a building and construction company in the days prior to Nestor Kirchner took office in 2003.
Kirchner is charged with “immoral organization worsened by her quality as leader” and “intensified deceptive management”.
Nonetheless, she has denied the fees and also said she is a victim of judicial as well as political oppression, Al Jazeera reported.
Her legal team stated that the premise of the accusations versus Kirchner was absurd, keeping in mind in particular that public works contracts undergo Congress, so any kind of claims of immoral organization, they said, would certainly have to then include that legislative body, Al Jazeera reported.

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