Anil Kumbazha On Directing ‘Pallimani’: ‘Filmmaking Was Always In My Heart’

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Art director Anil Kumbazha, who has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade is making his debut as a filmmaker. His maiden directorial titled ‘Pallimani’ will feature Shwetha Menon and Nithya Das in the lead roles. The film also marks Nithya Das’ second innings in M-Town after almost one and a half-decade gap. In an interview, Anil Kumbazha spills the beans about ‘Pallimani’.

Anil Kumbazha is calm and composed although, ‘Pallimani’ marks his debut as a director. He hasn’t got cold feet, thanks to filmmakers like Bharathan and Rajeev Anchal, who entered M-Town as art directors and later shifted focus to filmmaking and came out with flying colours! “Although I have been working as an art director for many years, filmmaking was always in my heart. I think art directors are closer to the process of filmmaking, rather than assistant directors. We do have clarity on how the frame is going to be composed, or how it would turn out in the output. I always wanted to direct a film and now everything fell in place,” Anil Kumbazha shared.

‘Pallimani’ as the title suggests revolves around a church. “Our film tracks the incidents that occur in a day after a family arrives at an old church. Shwetha Menon and Nithya Das will be playing the lead characters. Actor Kailash too will be seen in a pivotal role in the film. ‘Pallinani’ has elements of horror and thriller,” he added.

Anil Kumbazha stayed tight-lipped when asked about further details regarding the storyline, however, affirmed that the upcoming movie will give ‘an edge-of-the-seat experience’ to the viewers. The upcoming film is scripted by KV Anil.

The debutant director also divulged that his team headed by art director Sajeesh Thamarassery is erecting a gigantic set in Chitranjali Studio, Trivandrum, “Since the church holds huge significance in the film, and an old almost demolished church was required, we are erecting a set. The set works have begun and currently, there are about 60 people building it. We are building a three-storeyed church and that alone costs around Rs. 40 lakhs.”

The pre-production works are happening at a warp speed and the makers are hoping to commence the shoot on December 13, 2021.

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