Amazon’s new feature will make Alexa respond louder when it’s noisy

Washington [US]: Alexa just got smarter! American multinational technology company Amazon has introduced a new feature called ‘Adaptive Volume’ which will make Alexa speak louder when it finds that a user is in a noisy environment.
According to a report by The Verge, the new feature has been introduced to make sure that a user hears Alexa’s responses over any background noise like the sound of a dishwasher, people talking, or music playing on another device. The feature is currently available to US customers, and Amazon says that a user can activate it by saying “Alexa, turn on the adaptive volume.”
However, there is no word on whether the adaptive volume will work in the opposite direction, which means becoming quieter if there is no background noise.
The Verge has suggested that there are other ways to reduce “the volume dynamically- one of them is Whisper Mode, where Alexa will whisper its response if you talk to it quietly. You can activate the mode by asking Alexa to ‘turn on whisper mode'” or another way is to make use of “set volume” feature.

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