Airline industry struggling after Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan

Post-Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, its airspace revenue has dropped and the airline industry is struggling.

Kabul [Afghanistan], September 30 : As per industry analysts, the suspension of airline flights has harmed the airline industry and the closing of Afghan airspace has caused revenue to plummet, reported Tolo News. The estimated revenue loss from the closed Afghan airspace since the fall of the former government is around USD 7 million, said analysts.
Airlines that stopped or changed their offered flight routes have lost around USD 20 million, say airline officials, reported Tolo News.
Airline companies expressed concern over the closed airspace and the reduction of flights, saying that the airlines should immediately resume operations.
Officials at Kabul Airport said all types of flights will resume in the future.
According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan, the country was receiving over five billion Afs (Afghani currency) in revenue for the use of its airspace annually, reported Tolo News.
Hakim Reshad, a business analyst, said that the problems for the airlines could also damage secondary industries.
Sources within Afghan airlines said that prior to the collapse of the former government at least 11 national and international airlines were active. The international airlines suspended their flights and national airlines have also reduced their activity.
“The lack of national, regional and international flights reflects a collapse of companies and Afghanistan’s airspace economy and in fact inflicts great harm on the trade,” said economical analyst Sayed Massoud.

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