AAP govt will provide all benefits that a minister gets to common people, says Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi [India]: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday hit back at Opposition parties for calling his schemes freebies and said that “his government will provide all the benefits that a minister gets to common people”.
Addressing the AAP’s legal cell annual programme in Delhi today, Kejriwal said, “I am happy that this team started with only two to four members but now there are many members in the team. In 2019, we introduced a scheme for Delhi’s advocates in which we give them medical and health insurance.” “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lawyers of Delhi got the benefit of this scheme. There are about 122 lawyers who succumbed to coronavirus infection. Their families got Rs 10 lakh each as life insurance. About 1,210 lawyers got infected with COVID-19. Their expenses were borne by the Delhi government,” the AAP National Convener said.
He further stated that Delhi is the only place where the lawyers get this scheme. “Hopefully, it will start in other states as well. People spread the false notion that it was started for only one year and will be closed, but it is not so. As long as our government is here, the scheme will continue,” he added.
Hitting back at the Opposition parties for calling his schemes freebies, Kejriwal said, “The Opposition parties opposed this schemes. They called it freebie. They asked why are you doing it for advocates who are very rich.”
“I would like to ask them that why do they think that advocates are rich. They must have seen a few rich advocates in movies only. Advocates struggle throughout their life to earn fame and money,” Kejriwal said.
Further, he asked, “I ask the ministers who is paying for their treatment? Their treatment is free. They don’t ask anything when they get these benefits for themselves. Then they even ask from where this money comes for the free scheme.”
“I would say that if one becomes an MLA, then he would have around 10-15 crores money, 3-4 bungalows, and many more things. I am using that money for the welfare of people. I will provide all those benefits to common people which a minister gets,” he added.

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