‘The Kerala Story’ : DGP orders FIR, Congress calls movie “Sangh Parivar Agenda”

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India]: Kerala DGP Anil Kant on Tuesday directed the Thiruvananthapuram city cops commissioner to register FIR on the teaser of the motion picture ‘The Kerala Tale’.

According to the Kerala Authorities, the direction was based upon a grievance sent out to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. A High Tech Criminal Activity Query Cell had performed a preliminary query and also a record was sent to DGP.
” DGP’s direction was based upon this record,” the cops claimed.

The personality in the teaser claimed that 32,000 ladies from Kerala were being by force converted and afterwards later on signed up with the terrorist group ISIS.

Opposition and Congress leader VD Satheesan called the intro of ‘The Kerala Tale’ as a “clear situation of misinformation” as well as asserted that the movie is made to “tarnish the image of Kerala” in front of other states while likewise alleging that it is a “Sangh Parivar program”.

” I have seen that teaser. It’s a clear situation of misinformation. There is absolutely nothing like that taking place in Kerala. This is to tarnish the image of Kerala before various other states. This is a Sangh Parivar program. They are continually trying to spread disgust amongst individuals. On what basis is the film made, and on what information?” he stated.

He claimed that there is no “reliable info” about the 32,000 women missing in Kerala while declaring that there is no such record with the state police.

” There is no document with the state police. If there is anything with main knowledge, they need to bring it to the public. These are the documents, these are the checklist of females, these are the addresses of the females that signed up with the IS, they were recruited from Kerala,” the Congress leader said.

” Now we are opposing all the communalists, both minority as well as bulk. There are extreme attires from both sides, they are assisting each other. We may believe they are battling yet they are aiding each other. When one clothing is offering some misinformation or spreading out hatred that will assist the other side,” Satheesan included.

He said that if the Pinarayi Vijayan federal government does not take any activity in the issue, the event would approach the court.

” We have actually attempted to obtain details from the police and opposites. Now I got info that the police have actually lodged an FIR. I rate the choice of the state police. If the state government is refraining from doing anything, we will certainly approach the court,” he stated.

The Congress leader demanded the film to be prohibited declaring that it is “spreading hatred”.

” This is spreading hatred so it must be prohibited. In a typical scenario, we are against banning films, however this kind of false information will result in public concerns. Purposely they are intending with no qualified details they have made this film. This is utter rubbish,” he claimed.

Earlier, a journalist from Tamil Nadu Aravindakshan B R composed a letter to the Kerala Chief Minister after having viewed the intro of a to-be-released movie called ‘The Kerala Tale’.

The journalist asked the Kerala government to call the director of the flick and check out the veracity of the launched intro.

According to Aravindakshan B R, the film’s intro was released on November 3, 2022, on a YouTube network called Sunshine Pictures.

” Generated by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Directed by Sudipto Sen, the teaser shows the heart-wrenching story of 32,000 ladies from Kerala who were radicalized to join ISIS (Islamic Iraq and also Syria) terrorist groups,” the letter checked out.

In A Similar Way, Aravindakshan B R has additionally sent a complaint to Union Details and Broadcasting Preacher Anurag Thakur and Assistant Apurva Chandra asking them to inspect the veracity of the content of it.

He additionally claimed in the letter that it is critical on the part of the Union government to completely investigate the resource of information based on which the film was generated.

The trailer, he stated in the letter, narrates the story of a Muslim woman in front of a global border.

” In the character played by actress Adha Sharma, she claims that she utilized to be Shalini Unnikrishnan and wished to offer individuals as a nurse. She claims she was by force transformed to Islam as well as relabelled Fatima Bachelor’s degree, then joined ISIS and later locked up in Afghanistan,” the letter included.

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