Ziasy Consulting Pvt Ltd target to expand businesses in 20 countries

New Delhi [India] : Ziasy Consulting Pvt Ltd credited for introducing premium brands in sector of medical, IT, Agro, sports, and exporter in 20 countries, are gearing up for latest offering now planning to expand in 20 countries focusing on East Africa and creating employment opportunities to about 2000+ people.
The process of the organization. Isn’t the word control ironic within the context of the Entrepreneur? Well, for those that aren’t aware, behind all the chaos and frenzy, there lies a body of management ensuring that the industry functions smoothly. At present, they have three-four verticals in their four companies Medical Devices, service networks, and manufacturing, Exports, IT consulting, and Agro. A free spirit at heart, they believed in serving society, building a better world, create employment opportunities and help the needy. When we talk about humanitarian work, they get a chance to become a part of the United Nations-affiliated agency and Appreciate the Secretary-General of the agency to allow to serve humanity. We are working for East African countries as Diplomat in the host country.
Co-founder of Ziasy Consulting Pvt ltd Divyanshu Mahant gave an insight into how he decided to be an Entrepreneur by Starting on a small scale before going all out. Some people believe that entrepreneurs are risk-takers. But for the most part, successful entrepreneurs don’t like walking blindfolded on a limb. Instead, they take controlled risks. They test an idea on a small scale, then build on what works well, tweak what shows promise, and discard the disasters.
An inspired student decided to venture out into the world of Entrepreneur, and he succeeded., Divyanshu advice to new entrepreneur and the people who wish to enter into the entrepreneur world, “The first assignment is the toughest to get and gives you the energy to get going & Patience and consistency, Never forget to pay yourself while investing in your dream.”
Ziasy consulting is an information technology consulting firm established in 2014 by three partners in a small flat with a big vision. A vision to cater to more prominent clients with the best technical horizon globally. It was a small start-up, which grew with the time and efforts of its team working, burning the midnight oil, clearly keeping up with their motto of turning promises into commitments–their expertise in medical software, supply chain software, manufacturing industry software.
Ziasy, after seven years of establishment, is still upping its game, working with Governments, Central Governments, International Institutions, and well-known organizations all over the world. Ziasy is also enterprising with private partnerships, strategic partnerships with the government and institutions in various projects.
Ziasy consulting, an experienced and refined team of strategists, designers, and developers who come across as the best IT solutions device, believe in delivering better than the client’s expectations. Their derivation of completing a project is marked by the excellent and happy look from the client’s end. They plan on delivering their best and leaving their mark globally.

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