“Yogi’s name frightens criminals”

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday showered praise on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath “for maintaining the law and order situation in the state” to ensure holistic development.
He said the Chief Minister had done commendable work and his name sends shivers down the spine of criminals. Uttar Pradesh is slated to go to the polls early next year. Rajnath Singh was speaking after the unveiling of a statue of Mahant Avaidyanath, who was the chief priest of Gorakhnath temple and was also the guru of UP CM Yogi Adityanath.
“People may give arguments but till law and order is in place, Uttar Pradesh cannot progress. The state cannot develop without good law and order. An able administrator, the Chief Minister has been performing religious events as well,” he said.
“I have seen Ram aur Shyam, where the actor was donning a double role. Yogiji ka double nahi multiple role hai, adbhut role hai. (Yogiji isn’t just performing double role but has assumed multiple roles, has a wonderful role ), ” he added.
He said during the rule of non-BJP governments “vardi par gundagardi bhari padti thi (goons use to dominate police)”.
“Now police are dominating goons. Properties have been seized of anti-social elements,” he said and added that the state is changing under the BJP government.
He said the BJP government in the state has given “corruption-free rule”.
“Neend mein bhi koi mai ka laal keh nahi sakta ki Yogi Adityanath ke daman ke daag hai (Nobody can say even in sleep that there is a spot of corruption on the Chief Minister),” he said.
He also noted that women help desks have also been established in the state.
UP is expected to go to the polls in early 2022 and the BJP has decided to contest the polls with Yogi Adiyanath leading its state campaign. The party is also banking on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“This country has seen enormous change since PM Modi came to power with a majority. Look at PM Modi, when he had to choose the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, he chose Yogi Adiyanath from Gorakh math,” Singh said.
The union minister spoke of defence diplomacy and how other nations have praised PM Modi and also the chief minister for handling COVID-19.
Singh also mentioned how India has strengthened its response against border intrusions.
He said the defence forces have been asked to retaliate without delay if someone attacks them.
“India isn’t a weak country anymore but a strong one. India won’t attack first and it is our history that we have not attacked any country or encroached upon anyone’s land. I have given directions to our soldiers that if someone attacks us, don’t take anyone’s permission to retaliate,” he said.
Singh recalled his association with Mahant Avaidyanath since his student days.
“I recall one instance. Terrorists had taken Indian airlines hostage and took it to Lahore. Indians were angry. I built a student organisation and went to Avaidyanathji and told him that I want to lead a band in Gorakhpur. He said no one should be inconvenienced,” Singh said.
“In 1949, it was Mahant Digvijaynath who prayed to the Ram Lalla when He appeared. Mahant Avaidyanath had a crucial role in the Ram temple movement. Nath sampradaya has always tried to unite people,” he added.
The statue was unveiled to mark the seventh death anniversary of Mahant Avaidyanath.
Others present included Union Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Choudhary, BJP MP from Alwar Balak Nath and UP Jal Shakti Minister Mahendra Singh.

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