‘Yes I Am Student’ Trailer Out

After hooking the fans with his debut movie ‘Moosa Jatt’, Sidhu Moosewala is now captivating all with the trailer of his next film ‘Yes I Am Student’. Sidhu was supposed to mark his debut with ‘Yes I Am Student’, but owing to some reasons the release date of the film was pushed a little ahead. However, now that the trailer of this film is out, we can say it is a movie that is worth waiting for.

The movie’s trailer begins with the text that reads – “This film is dedicated to every student living abroad who is working day and night to fulfill the dreams of himself and his parents”. Thereafter, it starts with Sidhu requesting his mother to send him abroad for studies. Initially, the mother refuses but for the good of Sidhu she finally agrees and Moosewala goes out as an international student. Sidhu’s intentions are very clear, he says that all he has to do is work and study. He wants to earn enough to pay his fees and send some back to his village. For the same, he works really hard, but on his payday, the contractor refuses to give him money and threatens to deport him. Thereafter, the trailer shows all the discrimination that students face not only from foreigners but also from the people of their own community. And just when you believe, that the movie is all about the struggles of the student, in the end, the trailer shows a different side, a good side. However, details of the same will be out only when the movie will be released on October 22, 2021.

Also, besides the hardship of students, the trailer also showed us a romantic angle between Sidhu Moosewala and Mandy Takhar. Their chemistry is new, but certainly seems strong, and thus, is one of the most important elements of the movie as well. And this goes without saying that another important element is Sidhu Moosewala’s acting. In the trailer, his emotions, his expressions, his smile, his tears, everything appears to be on point.

Directed by Tarnvir Jagpal, ‘Yes I Am Student’ is written by Gill Raunta. Further, it stars Sidhu Moosewala, Mandy Takhar, Malkiat Rauni, Seema Kaushal, Jaggi Singh, and Deep Mandian among others.

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