Yasmin Karachiwala’s ‘YK300’ Challenge Is Here: Check Video

Fitness and Pilates trainer Yasmin Karachiwala is here to remind you to hit the grind with an intense workout challenge that will help you burn, sweat and shred at the gym.

Yasmin took to Instagram to share a seven-day fitness routine with her followers that involves several variations of the Squat. She posted the video with the caption, “Burn! Shred and Sweat cause, YK300Challenge is here. The most exciting and intense challenge. 7 days, 7 different exercises, 7 different body parts. YK300Challenge.”

The workout routine includes seven variations of Squats that targets seven different parts of the body while helping you to ‘burn and shred’.

Watch the video:

According to Yasmin’s post, the seven-day fitness routine involves five variations with twenty repetitions of each exercise. The exercises need to be performed with three up-cycles, and on the seventh day, one can crank it up by doing 1,000 repetitions. Yes, you read that right.

For day 1, Yasmin suggested to work the legs by doing 300 Squats. Next, she listed five more exercises for the intense seven-day workout, which includes, “Cross Arm Front Squat (20 Reps), Frog Squat Dumbbell Swing (20 Reps), Dumbbell Moving Squat (20 Reps), Dumbbell Sumo Squat to Lateral Lunge (20 Reps), and Crisscross Squat Jumps (20 Reps).

Yasmin also listed all the dos and don’ts of the fitness challenge to get the maximum benefit of the routine. She asked her followers to have “8 glasses of water, Handful of nuts, 2 Servings of fruits, 2 Servings of vegetables, Exercise Daily, and Sleep 7-8 Hours.” She added that one should avoid “soda, alcohol, dairy, red meat, pasta, and sugar” while doing the challenge.

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