Working In A Hybrid Environment? Tips On How To Deepen Relationships Between Team Members, Leaders & The Community

New Delhi [India]: Almost all employees are back at the workplace after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, but it now seems that a hybrid work environment would be the norm in future. One of the drawbacks of a Work From Home environment is the difficulties in establishing relationships.

Here are some tips on how to deepen relationships between team members, leaders and the community when people are working in a hybrid mode, that is working sometimes from home and sometimes from office.

1. Rebuild relationships

It is a psychological fact that feeling connected with colleagues could help people feel more satisfied at their workplace. Some in-person interaction among the employees can prove to be fruitful for engaging and deepening relationships with team members and the leaders.

2. Train employees to upgrade from old-school methods to new technology

Merely introducing new technology to your employees cannot raise your output. For that, leveraging the old-school methods to what the new technology has in the store for you can help. The handwritten drafts and notices may be the traditional methods of conveying something important to the employees but in the new era of Zoom, Teams and emails, being upgraded to the technology becomes important.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A simple rule says ‘Find being comfortable in uncomfortable’. Most of the conversations can be initiated when a person asks for help in terms of work from colleagues. In that way, people build a network of people who are alike.

4. Expand your network

One must not be confined to one’s own team or department. Having a mindset that the colleagues are a family can expand one’s networks beyond who they interact with every day.

5. Connect digitally

Connecting digitally on social networking platforms can also help the workforce to know about one another and stay linked. Professional platforms like LinkedIn, Slack and others can help employees to establish strong relations with each other. (ANI)

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