‘Woods At Sasan’ Awarded The “Hotel Design Of The Year”

New Delhi [India]: Woods At Sasan, a contemporary wellness retreat within the Sasan Gir wooded area in Gujarat, has been presented the “Hotel Design of the Year” and has been nominated under the “Wellness Cuisine of the Year” category via Destination Deluxe Awards 2022, a worldwide platform that honours the leaders and pioneers in well-being and journey.


Nestled within the wooded area, this modern retreat in the woods is the first of its kind in India – a health retreat primarily based on biophilia and gradual living and is grounded in sustainable practices. Destination Deluxe Awards’ reputation drives the awesome luxurious requirements of hotels, spas, remedies, skincare, and health manufacturers from throughout the globe. The retreat of Woods AtSasan, a flagship project with the aid of a thousand Island Hotels & Resorts, is honoured by this prestigious reputation of its particular layout and structure.

Established on the principle of a sustainable system of hospitality thru remark, engagement, getting to know, and layout, Woods At Sasan, an ahead-wondering, design-pushed logo with nature and humanity at its center, attracts upon the natural terrain of the land and the lifestyle of the human beings to form its philosophy which evokes the retreat’s structure, surroundings, and spirit of web hosting.

The built surroundings at Woods At Sasan are an amalgamation of modern-day architecture guided by biophilic hints and infused with the spirit of the nearby way of life and the craft of the land.

Keeping the essence of land as the focus, the Stays at Woods At Sasan are designed for immersive enjoyment of nature and are characteristic a creative use of locally sourced substances. Every Stay has sufficient natural mild and air flow and offers glimpses of the textures of the neighborhood environment in its layout and creation.

With a biophilic design-led approach and conscious layout decisions to maximize the affiliation of human beings with nature and herbal approaches, Woods At Sasan has attempted to put money into constructing a asset that aligns design wondering with well-being.

Quality, transparency, and originality are the essential criteria of the Destination Deluxe Awards, as they apprehend and reward the trade-makers of nowadays who cross beyond the set obstacles and innovate in their respective fields and are evaluated by a set of 17 judges, who are nicely-respected enterprise professionals.

“As the one-of-a-kind winner from India in the Destination Deluxe Awards, 2022, we’re excited and grateful for the recognition; that is a real testament to our Design Atelier’s efforts in the direction of developing a biophilic space that aligns layout-questioning with health at its center”, says MaulikBhagat, Founder & MD, one thousand Island Hotels & Resorts.

A modern-day retreat in the Sasan Gir forest in Gujarat, Woods At Sasan by using 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts, is a biophilic paradise set amongst sixteen acres of mango orchard and plush forest; our retreat offers best-in-class wellbeing programming through a slow, sustainable, nature immersed way of life. With a blend of pared-down and eco-conscious architecture designed to enhance interaction with nature, Woods AtSasan encourages self-exploration in a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

SOM, the wellness bankruptcy through one thousand Island Hotels & Resorts gives fine in well-being programming and is created to honor a way of lifestyles that harmonizes mind, frame and soul through various time honoured, proof-primarily based eastern philosophies to sell a new route towards sustainable life habits thru a modern-day expression.

Through SOM well being, we contain the practices of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, and sattvic vitamins at the side of nature expeditions and experiences. With Nature and Birding trails and lifestyle and culinary immersions, Woods At Sasan offers a Destination First approach that brings alive the world of Sasan Gir.

Recognized because of the excellent “Hotel Design of the Year” with the aid of Destination Deluxe Awards 2022, Woods AtSasan has pioneered a sustainable system of hospitality it truly is based totally on the remark, active engagement, learning, implementation, and layout.

A thousand Island Hotels & Resorts is a forward-thinking and innovative hub where architects retreat that enable pleasure, well-being, and thoughtfulness. We lay out hospitality with meaning and hope: inspiring, meaningful choices, living environments, and a superb lifestyle for all.

With a pursuit of permitting locations, 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts creates sustainable built environments and inclusive experiences to steer humans around us across various contexts. Fuelled with a passion for serving, our endeavor is a way of life.

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