Windsor Castle to become no-fly zone over concerns for Queen’s safety

London [UK] (ANI/Sputnik): Windsor Castle, the official royal residence of British monarchs, will become a no-fly zone due to the concerns for the safety of Queen Elizabeth II, the country’s media reported on Sunday.
The decision on the security measure was taken after an attacker armed with a crossbow entered the castle’s grounds at the end of December, threatening to kill the Queen, according to the Sun. From January 27, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles will be prohibited from flying over the residence at an altitude of 2,500 feet, the news said. Under the order, flying within 1.4 miles from the castle walls will be deemed a crime, the Sun noted.
The UK civil aviation authority said the ban was in the public interest.
The compliance with the decree will be monitored by air traffic control, and in the event of a violation fighters will be dispatched to escort the plane that enters the zone and does not respond to radio warnings. The police guarding the castle will also receive more powers to take down illegal drones. (Image source: Unsplash)

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