Will Ricky Gervais Host The 2023 Golden Globes?

Washington [US]: It seems like enthusiasts who desired Ricky Gervais to host the 2023 Golden Globes can be left dissatisfied as the British comedian-actor has expressed his lack of hobby in returning to emcee the award display.

According to Deadline, after a video of ‘The Office’ writer website hosting the Hollywood rite in 2020 became shared, a Twitter person requested to retweet the clip “in case you want [Gervais] would host the Golden Globes once more in 2023.” Gervais retweeted the post, writing “F*** that,” adding a guffawing emoji. His comment comes after the event will return to TV in 2023 after the 2022 rite was decreased to a press release following backlash for their lack of range.

Meanwhile, in a 2021 interview, Gervais mentioned his approach to website hosting those types of events and knowing who his target audience is.

He informed a news outlet, “Do I pander to the 200 billionaires within the room or the 2 hundred million humans at home sitting of their [underwear] consuming beer which are not winning awards, which are not billionaires?” mentioned Deadline.

Gervais introduced, “It’s a no-brainer for a comic. I’m a jester. I play to the other peasants in the dust. I wasn’t getting into terrible. Think of the matters I may want to have said… Think of the f***ing terrible things I ought to have joked approximately. It’s off the charts — It’s. Off. The. Charts — the terrible matters I could say.”

As in line with Deadline, the 2023 Golden Globes nominations may be announced on December 12, and the award show will take place on January 10.

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