Discover Wicks Dreads: Methods, Benefits, and Care

Wicks Dreads: Benefits and Methods to Get This Hairstyle - kshvid
Discover Wicks Dreads Methods, Benefits, and Care

If you are bored of your regular hairstyle and want to try a trendy and unique hairdo but are confused about which one to choose. We have a solution for you! Wicks hair or wick dreads is one of the popular and low-maintenance hairstyles that you can create.


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Let’s explore more about it. 

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What are Wicks Dreads? 

Wick locs or wicks dreads differ slightly from traditional dreads but are more like natural dreadlocks in terms of their looks. The term “wicks” referred to this hairstyle as the upright wick locks resemble candle wicks.

It is possible to create wick locs even with shorter hair. This hairstyle is attractive, and the longer each strand has, the more styles you may create by panting the strands in various ways.

Because it takes longer to maintain the hairdo, you must get the roots to lock for this. The fact that this haircut is available with extensions is another intriguing feature. 


Numerous wick loc services offer extensions produced from real human hair. If you have short hair and don’t want to wait for it to grow out, extensions are a chic option if the roots are long enough to support wick-loc extensions.

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When did the Wick hairstyle originate?

The hairdo known as wicks dreads, sometimes known as wicks, bonks, and globs, developed in South Florida.

African Americans of Afro-Caribbean or Afro-Haitian heritage frequently sport this hairstyle. People in Florida at the time who wore this hairdo were fans of hip-hop and other subgenres.

How can you get wick locs?

To create wicks, strands of loose hair are first braided into tiny cornrows, wrapped around a tiny square of fabric, coiled up, and inserted into the center of the braid. This creates a small ponytail like a candlewick.

The wicks dreads are a trendy and adaptable hairdo. You can personalise them with hair accessories to fit your preferences. This hairstyle will make you look and feel fantastic whether you want to wear it for a big occasion or just regularly.

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Methods to Get Wicks Dreads

1- Combined Method

The combined approach creates a thick, upright lock-wick by combining the strands of locs. You must first have the dreadlock hairstyle on to accomplish this. Therefore, selecting locs and binding them together will suffice if you already have dreadlocks.

You can use rubber bands to bind the bottom, middle, and tail ends of each portion of long strands together next to your scalp.

Afterwards, you would need a crochet pin for each joined wick area. To lock the strands fully, you should wash the dreads every few days to stick them together in single, thick locs.

2- Freeform method

In a freeform method, you must have dreadlocks. Otherwise, you can use wash-and-go natural hair styling to allow your hair naturally lock.

Keeping a close eye on your roots to detect when they begin to fuse will be beneficial. At this point, you should divide them into the desired number of wicks.

You must maintain your freeform wicks by washing, relocking, and reoiling the natural wicks to keep them neat, locked, and appealing.

3- Crochet Combined Method

One can use natural hair, or conventional locs to create crochet wicks. Then, divide the quantity of thick locs into different sections of locs.

Then, to keep the combined wicks together, stretch your crochet tool across the thick strands while working through the combined wicks. The greatest option for longer crochet combined is to use crochet extensions.

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Benefits of Wicks Dreads

Along with a great fashion statement, wicks hairstyle has several benefits for the ones who love to do it. Dreads give you a cheeky, assured appearance that complements your sense of style for every occasion. 

  • With wicks, you dont need to worry about changing your haircut for a while. 
  • Additionally, you can style your wicks to maintain your cool badass appearance.
  • You don’t have to do your hair, you’re always prepared to go with wicks.
  • Your wick hairdo is simple to maintain. 
  • You can also create this hairstyle by yourself. 
  • Unless you want professional treatment, you can maintain your hair without going to a salon.

How to take care of your wicks dreads?

1- To Wash

Please pay attention to your wicks and wash them weekly with residue-free shampoo. You can also wash them later or more frequently. Don’t wait too long to itch before washing to avoid damaging your scalp. 

2- To Dry

After cleaning, it’s crucial to dry the wicks; use a fresh washcloth or a hairdryer. It has been seen that heat can melt the rubber band, further infusing it into your dreads, so be careful not to use a hot drier on the rubber band method. 

3- Moisturise

Remember to moisturise your scalp and sleep with a silk hair tie to protect it. Add rosewater with wicks daily to condition your hair and promote growth. 

Some Facts about Wicks Dreads

  • It has been widely famous that having wick dreads is a religious devotion. 
  • Wicks are cost effective, and you dont need weekly visits to salons to upkeep your locs. 
  • Due to your hair being permanently styled protectively, it encourages hair growth with little shedding. 

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How Long Does Wick Dreads Take to Lock?

The time to form wick dreads properly varies, depending on your hair type and texture, the method used, and the output you seek. A few months or even years may pass. Start by leaving rubber bands in for three to four weeks. If the hair is not locking, leave them in for three to four weeks.

Can Wicks Dreads Be Undone?

Wicks dreads can be removed, but the procedure can be painful and time-consuming. Removing dreadlocks involves gently combing and cutting them out.

However, this method is time-consuming, depending on the length and thickness of one’s wicks dreads. The hair may need to be cut and conditioned after being removed from the dreadlocks to repair any damage caused.  

Now that you know everything about wicks, .i.e, what they are, when they originated, their benefits and caring tips and how to get and remove them.

If you use the right method, you’ll have nice wicks in weeks. We sincerely hope this advice was helpful and wish you luck as you travel with wick. 

Can we get wicks on short hair?

Usually, this hairstyle looks good on long hair, like 6 inches long, as it will be easy to create. However, short hair may prevent you from getting wicks dreads or make them look less fashionable.

How much does Wicks Dreads cost?

The price of dread wicks varies depending on the local demographics. To obtain a precise price or inquire about a possible discount, you may also stop by the local natural hair salons.

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