Why ‘Qismat 2’ Is A Must-Watch?

Today the much-awaited Punjabi film ‘Qismat 2’ has made it to the theatres. Starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, the movie is a rollercoaster of emotions, that you must buy tickets for. And, if in case you still can’t make your mind whether to or not spend your money on this Punjabi drama, here are reasons why ‘Qismat 2’ is a must-watch.

Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta’s chemistry

When Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta starred in the song ‘Qismat’, their chemistry turned heads. Thereafter, when the movie with the same title came out, their bond in the film proved that they are among the top loved on-screen Punjabi jodis of the industry. Therefore, when ‘Qismat 2’ was announced, the audience was elated and excited. So this goes without saying that it is the effortless chemistry between Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta is one of the reasons why ‘Qismat 2’ is a must-watch.

Jaani’s debut

Some debuts are worth waiting for, and one such debut is of Punjabi lyricist Jaani. Before the release of the movie, Jaani was seen in the title track of the movie. He is playing the role of Baani’s husband, and in many interviews, the writer-director of the film Jagdeep Sidhu has mentioned Jaani has a pivotal character to play. You might not see him much on the screen, but without him, the story would have not been completed.

Tania’s new look

We didn’t get to see Tania in the trailer or any of the songs, the reason behind the same is because the makers have given a new look to the actress, and they didn’t want to unveil it. For the first time, Tania will be seen with a short hair look. The makers didn’t reveal much about her, because she is one of the surprise elements of the movie.

The heart touching music

The music of ‘Qismat’ is to date regarded as the best soundtracks of Pollywood, and the music of ‘Qismat 2’ has followed the same path. One can even say that the music of ‘Qismat 2’ has outdone the musical work of ‘Qismat’. The hit-makers Jaani and B Praak invested their blood and sweat in the music, and their efforts are more than visible in each melody of the song.

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