Why Are Face Balancing Fillers The Latest Trend?

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Facial symmetry is desired by many, as it said to be an identifying feature of those who are genetically blessed in the looks department. While this isn’t true, because symmetry or not, each face is unique and beautiful in its own way, there are options to get in fillers to enhance or firm up the facial features that you are conscious about. With the pandemic forcing us all to reserve social interactions mainly to virtual platforms, a lot of us are perceiving ourselves and our faces differently because phone cameras do tend to distort the features a bit. This has resulted in a solution like face balancing fillers, which have become the popular derma trend on the block. 

What are face balancing fillers you ask? Just like lip fillers, face balancing fillers is a treatment using injections of fillers in different areas of the face like your nose, lips, and chin in order to achieve a more symmetrical visage. This treatment is more personalised than a lip filler or chin filler as the doctor preforming this treatment will take into account your entire face and only use the fillers on the side or areas that is required. The results will help you attain a more well-balanced front and side profile.  

Also referred to as ‘profile harmonisation’, the face balancing fillers treatment is beneficial for those who otherwise would consider nose surgery or other facial surgeries because fillers do not require surgical enhancement but are instead just injections which are less invasive in comparison. Fillers are mostly absorbable and can last from months to several years depending on the product and person. If you are considering trying face balancing fillers or any fillers for that matter, it is best to do your research and find a trusted and certified clinic for your fix. 

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