WhatsApp unveils native app for Windows; announces MacOS version coming soon

Washington [US]: WhatsApp is releasing a new native Windows app that does away with the outdated web-based backend, in order to run natively on Windows.
According to GSM Arena, WhatsApp users can link a desktop computer to continue making and receiving calls and sending messages without needing to have their smartphone nearby. This is accomplished by using WhatsApp Web in a browser or a web-based WhatsApp desktop app. The native software will perform better, utilise fewer resources, and launch faster than the original, despite the fact that it won’t actually seem any different on the surface. When your phone is offline, you can continue conversations from your keyboard thanks to these apps.
A native MacOS software from WhatsApp will also be released, however, it is still in the works. The WhatsApp MacOS software is now in closed beta testing and will be released as a MacOS “Universal app,” which means it will be built on the WhatsApp iPhone app and run natively on Apple silicon laptops.
The new WhatsApp desktop app’s early beta is far faster than the existing one, as reported by 9to5Mac.
You must connect the new WhatsApp desktop software to a smartphone account that is connected to a phone number regardless of the platform you use to access it. Once your devices are connected, you can use end-to-end encryption to send and receive messages, make WhatsApp calls, and more.
Up to four linked devices can be utilised when your phone is offline, but after 14 days have passed since your last usage of your phone, linked devices will be automatically logged out, as per GSM Arena.

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