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What Is Vaccine Tourism? Can Indians Go Abroad To Get Covid Vaccine?

The term ‘Vaccine Tourism’ became popular at the end of last year and now, it has again come into the limelight after a draft of a vaccine tour package for Delhi-Moscow by a Dubai-based travel agency Arabian Nights Tours got leaked on social media.

Vaccine Tourism simply means travelling to another country for sightseeing with an included benefit of getting the jab. There are very few countries that have been allowing Indians to enter, considering the rising Covid cases in the country. Russia is one of few countries that allows entry to Indians with just a negative PCR report and no quarantine on arrival. This has resulted in the popularity of ‘vaccine tourism’ packages. The said tour package includes 20 days accommodation in a hotel, all meals, flights and a few days of sightseeing in Rs 1.3 lakh.

It is also said that the Maldives and the US are also working on a programme to offer people abroad the chance to get vaccinated during a visit.

Can Indians go abroad to get Covid Vaccine?

The Government of India ensures that no one has to go abroad to take the jab as they will be able to get everyone vaccinated by the end of this year. There have been reports of the shortage of the vaccine in many parts of the country which has enticed Indians to think about these tour packages. Vaccine Tourism has become an emerging trend in many countries if air travel is allowed. There are a few countries in the world that have not restricted their vaccination policy to local residents. They include parts of the US, Russia, Slovakia, Zimbabwe etc.

If air travel is allowed, one can travel to a foreign country to get vaccinated. Currently, it is not illegal.

What is Vaccine Passport?

Note, Vaccine Tourism is different from Vaccine passport. The two terms are often confused with each other. A ‘Vaccine Passport’ is a record or health data certificate that would carry information about whether a person has been inoculated or has tested negative for Covid-19. The information would be accessible electromagnetically, on mobile apps, or as printed documents or cards.

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