Indranil Sen West Bengal State Tourism Minister said to the Assembly that the West Bengal government was planning ways to improve tourism infrastructure in the Sundarbans. As per Sen, the state government was linked with the private sector and is planning a host of new infrastructure possibilities in Sundarbans.

In the forests of Sundarbans, infrastructures like eco-friendly hotels, entertainment and various other measures are planning to be implemented and looked into.

Currently, the state of West Bengal offers a range of tours from the city to Sundarbans for travellers. The government has also introduced ferries to jungles. At present, the government is looking at other ways to develop the infrastructure.

The reports states that the West Bengal government were looking forward to starting houseboat services in Sundarbans in the next six months. This would be much similar to one in Kashmir.

The large mangrove forest destination in the country is the Sundarbans. It serves home to Bengal Tigers and unique species. Almost 400 majestic tigers are there. If you are visiting West Bengal, Sundarbans has to be in your travel list.