Ways To Control Your Anger Issues In Relationship

Getting agitated, irritated or angry is a common emotion you experience, but knowing the right way to channelize, and deal with it, is the key. Excessive anger can wreak havoc on your personal life and relations as well as can on your mental health. You will always be unhappy, insecure, having arguments with friends and peers, and most importantly, you will create a rift between you and your loved ones. So, control it before it gets the better of you.

Here are four ways you can control your anger issues

Practise The 10-Second Rule

No matter how agitated or angry you are, always try to practise a 10-second gap before responding or making a decision. Actions taken when you’re angry can often be impulsive and not thoroughly thought-out which can later turn out to be an issue. Try to compose yourself, close your eyes and count until 10 before responding to your trigger. This will help calm you down and compose your senses. Words once spoken cannot be taken back but with this exercise you can stop yourself from getting into such sticky situations!

Use Humour To Diffuse The Tension

Humour, not sarcasm. Tread lightly on this matter as even the slightest hint of sarcasm can tick off the situation from bad to worse. Instead of blowing up on each other, take the initiative to use humour and a few light-hearted jokes here and there to release the tension between the two of you. This way, you will have conveyed what you think or at least have touched the topic and not made the situation worse.

Own Your Issue

The first step towards resolving your anger issues is to own it. Acknowledging the fact that you are having troubles controlling your temper that is eventually bleeding into your relationship will help you gain clarity on how to proceed with the resolution. Accept it, discuss it with your partner and together come to a solution even if it means therapy or counselling. It will only benefit the two of you and most importantly, you. Owning your issues and accepting it is half the battle won.

Practise Meditation

Deep breathing exercises, relaxation exercises or a simple yoga routine every day will go a long way in managing your anger issues. Habituate yourself to practice meditation or yoga first thing in the morning before you get into your daily routine. This will help centre your thoughts and make you more self-aware.

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