Water from 115 nations for Ayodhya

New Delhi [India]: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Shri Ramjanmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra general secretary Champat Rai on Saturday received water from holy streams, rivers, and seas from 115 nations in seven continents for use in the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.
The minister was informed that the water was collected by people of all faiths including Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and Hindus. Singh while speaking to the dignitaries asked the group to start a drive to collect water from 77 countries that have been left out.
“Water has been collected from seven continents and out of 192 countries, water has been collected from 115 nations. I am sure by the time temple will be constructed, 77 countries that are left from this water collection movement will also be included,” said Singh.
Singh praised India for being a nation that believes in the world being a family.
“We did not resort to violence when it came to Ayodhya’s temple but waited it to be resolved peacefully. We don’t discriminate on basis of caste and creed,” said Singh.
The drive to collect water from across the world for the Ram temple and involvement of people across religions was initiated by the Delhi Study Group’s president Vijay Jolly.
Water was collected from 115 nations in seven continents for the Ayodhya Ram temple.
Underlining the importance of the event, SRTKT general secretary Champat Rai said that Ramayan mentions that water was brought from across the world for anointing Lord Ram as a king.
“Those sitting here today are representing the whole world. There is a place in Ayodhya which is known as Saptsagar. It is believed that when Lord Ram was to be anointed, water from seas across the world was brought.
So, we thought why not do this for the temple constructed at his birthplace? We are researching the Ramayana from various countries. Lord Ram is above biases. It is a sentimental issue for me. I invite all of you to come to Ayodhya.
People should come and see the temple construction site. The first phase of the foundation is being completed. Many agencies are working on it. It will have a life of 1,000 years.
Guyana High Commissioner Charrandas Persaud called the event remarkable.
“I am privileged to be part of this group. The occasion speaks for Hindus and the uplift of the culture. I hope someday I will visit Ayodhya,” said Persaud.
Denmark Ambassador Freddy Svane said that he has lived in India for eight years and believes that the future is common and he is happy to be part of the event.
Present on the occasion were High commissioners from Fiji Kamlesh Prakash, Guyana High Commissioner Charrandas Persaud, Nigerian High Commissioner Ahmed Sule and Denmark Ambassador Freddy Svane along with Mauritius labour party representative Dhaneshwar and Teerth Kshetra member Anil Mishra.

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