War against Taliban: 30 Pak nationals among 112 Taliban terrorists killed in airstrikes in Helmand

Kabul [Afghanistan]: As many as 30 Pakistani nationals, who were members of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, were killed in airstrikes on Taliban targets in Helmand province.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said the airstrikes that took place in the Lashkargah city on Friday killed a total of 112 Taliban terrorists.
“112 Taliban terrorists including 30 Pakistani affiliated to Al-Qaeda terrorist network for the Indian subcontinent, were killed and 31 others wounded in airstrikes conducted by AAF at the outskirts of Lashkargah city, Helmand provincial center, yesterday,” Afghan Defense Ministry tweeted.

Afghanistan has repeatedly accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorists in its territory and supporting the Taliban offensive against the Aghan government forces.

These airstrikes come a day after the Afghan Ambassador to the UN Ghulam Isaczai said on Friday said that Afghanistan is prepared to provide the United Nations Security Council with material evidence in support of its claim that Pakistan is ensuring a supply chain to the Taliban.

“Should members of the Security Council want that evidence, we are ready to provide them,” Ghulam said. He added that the Afghan government has been in constant contact with the Pakistani government about the matter and has provided Islamabad with the evidence.

Recently, the Taliban have increased their attacks against civilians and Afghan defence forces. and captured several key districts in Afghanistan. Earlier this week, the Taliban had killed the Afghanistan government’s media head Dawa Khan Menapal on Friday.

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