Wander Womaniya- A Solo Women Travel Group, Shares Plan For International Trips

New Delhi [India]: Wander Womaniya- a solo girls’ travel institution, stocks plan for international journeys because the travel industry receives back on course. The organization will be focusing on providing offbeat and low-priced trips for solo lady guests in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, UAE, Hong Kong and more locations. For the longest time, a lot of regulations were up on international travel, resulting in people simplest looking out for domestic trips, but as the regulations have started out to put on off, this solo ladies travel group is ready with their charming itineraries and feature recently released their international programs after an exceptional response on their home price range journeys.

“We are launching these nations because they are less explored as of now yet very beautiful in phrases of lifestyle and nature, with enthralling attractions and soul filling nearby food, these locations are worth a go to. And on the pinnacle of all of it, these countries are finances-friendly. We intend to democratize the foreign journeys for young girls of India as it is the journey itself which offers a new outlook to lifestyles, and the greater one travels, the extra they get to recognise approximately themselves. Something each woman in India ought to revel in.” Says Anuj Jain, founding father of Wander Womaniya. Anuj added, “It’s a truth that solo tour hasn’t always been perfect, and that being stated, it can get even trickier for girls. Guys shouldn’t worry much, all they have to do is per cent their luggage and depart, while for women, they must think about one million factors, especially if it is an international one. However, that shouldn’t stop one from doing what they love and touring the sector, right? Each country has something specific and unique to provide, so if you are visiting a distant land, it is always higher to discover it simply as locals could do. It offers a feel of belongingness, moreover a feel of being at home despite the fact that you are a long way far away from it.” And what’s better than the sensation of domestic? At Wander Womaniya, we constantly aim to provide our travellers with a revel in which they may cherish for all time.”

The enterprise has visible an outstanding response inside the home segment and enabled over 500 girls to stay on their dream solo trip revel in. Wander Womaniya has also witnessed a steep upward push in its social media followers and has gained 20k followers on Instagram.

With the growth in solo tours in the past few years and now the wearing off of journey regulations in keeping with current research from MMGY, more travellers are going solo in 2022. According to the research, one in 4 travellers plan a solo journey, and in the subsequent six months, Gen-Z and Millennials will lead the manner.

Pinterest, that’s a photograph-sharing and social media platform immensely famous amongst millennials & Gen Z women has reported a whopping 350 in keeping with a cent increase in ladies pinning articles related to the ‘solo lady journey’.

Travelling internationally always ends up coaching us loads approximately existence and those, each subculture is interrelated yet so one-of-a-kind and outstanding in the manner they celebrate lifestyles. So, if you were given that adventure streak but couldn’t channel it due to travel restrictions, now is the time you’re taking out your passports and filling them with the stamps you have usually been craving.

Needless to say, depart the concern, take that jump, journey solo, and tour with strangers who’ll one day emerge as a unique part of your lifestyle and your journey anecdotes that you would possibly sooner or later proportion with your loved ones.

Check out their Website and journey the world over now! : Wander Womaniya-Women Travel Groups.


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