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Viral: Rare pic of King Cobra eating another cobra takes Internet by storm

New Delhi: Snakes are dangerous yet one of the most intriguing species of the animal kingdom. Looking at them can give a person feeling of both fear and thrill at the same time. But, have you ever seen a cobra eating a cobra? Well, this actually happened as Indian Forest Service Officer Parveen Kaswan shared a rare picture of the reptiles on Twitter and his post has gone viral on social media. As scary as the photo is, people cannot help staring at it.

In the pic,  king cobra can be seen enjoying his meal of a spectacled snake. The tweet has been captioned with some information about the king cobra, revealing its scientific name to be Ophiophagus Hannah. The reptile feeds on lesser mortals. In a separate post, Parveen Kaswan explained the meaning of Ophiophagus Hannah and said, “The scientific name of this king cobra is; Ophiophagus hannah. Ophiophagus is derived from Greek, meaning ‘snake-eating’ and hannah is derived from the name of tree-dwelling nymphs in Greek mythology. So king living true to its name. The only snake which build nests.” The stunning photo quickly garnered a lot of attention onlin. . Replying to the original tweet, one user said, “He looked happy though.” To this, Mr Kaswan replied with some trivia. “King cobras are foodies, when it comes to other snakes. Rat snakes are their favourite. They swallow big rat snake as it is. It fits in their body,” he said, adding: “They live happily ever after.”

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