Vikrant Rona Glimpse, Dead Man’s Anthem Releasing On September 2

With September 2 being Indian star Kichcha Sudeep’s birthday, there is anticipation from fans with regards to his upcoming film teams to release something special for them as part of the celebrations.

Today, Kichcha Sudeep took to his social media pages to announce that there would indeed be something special coming from the team of Vikrant Rona, a project that he is specially looking into with regards to promotions and marketing. The team will be releasing a glimpse into something special that will give a peek into the world of Phantom in Vikrant Rona, where Sudeep essays the titular role.

Sudeep shared, “Announcing #VikrantRonaGlimpse The Dead Man’s Anthem | Sept 2 11:05 AM #VikrantRona.” The team has been very secretive about the content in the film and have only been releasing pictures and images that not only show the varied characters but also act as a jigsaw puzzle with regards to the film itself. There were special posters released on the birthdays of the varied cast members, and each of them seemed like a board that is connecting a crime or an incident that also has little details like the birth dates or other such tidbits of the many characters. This has increased the anticipation from the fans for the film’s release. The film is being made as a pan Indian film with the narrative being told in 3D.

The film has been completed at a brisk pace, with a cast that includes Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Ravishankar Gowda, Siddu Moolimani and Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez in a special role. This video has piqued the interest for its intriguing title – The Dead Man’s Anthem. We cannot wait to catch a glimpse of this.

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