Veg Frankie Roll Recipe


For the filling

Soaked & boiled chickpeas-½ cup Sweet potato boiled & peeled-1 medium size Diced Garlic cloves-2 Red chilli pd-1 tsp Turmeric pd-½ tsp Coriander pd-½ tsp Jeera pd-½ tsp Amchur pd-½ tsp Chopped Green chilli-1 Ketchup-1 tbsp Freshly chopped coriander leaves -1 tbsp Salt and pepper to taste Oil-1 tbsp For Assembly Ready Tortillas-2 Sliced onion-1 Shredded cabbage-¼ cup Lemon juice-1 tbsp Mint & Dahi Chutney-¼ cup


In a bowl, mash the chickpeas & sweet potato.

Heat oil in a pan, add some green chillies followed by the potato & chickpeas mash.

Season with salt, pepper & all the dry masalas. Give everything a good mix.

Finally, add ketchup & fresh coriander leaves & give a good mix.

In a bowl, add the sliced onions, shredded cabbage & season with salt, pepper & lemon juice.

In a separate bowl mix mint chutney & curd.

Now onto the tortilla, apply mint & dahi chutney, add the potato mixture, top with the onions & cabbage mix. And roll them.

Cut into half & it’s ready.

(Recipe By Chef Amrita Raichand)

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