Using A Retinol Serum? Things To Keep In Mind

Use of Retinol Serum
Use of Retinol Serum: Things To Keep In Mind while Using

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative. It has multiple benefits when used in the right manner and starts at the right age. The use of Retinol Serum includes anti-aging effects, brightening effects, as well as collagen boosting effects, and also helps acne-prone skin. It is an excellent way to delay signs of aging and should be started ideally in the mid 20 to 30 s.

Wean your skin onto it

Do not be over-enthusiastic with the introduction of a retinal serum onto your skin. The slower the introduction the better the skin acceps it. Always start with a twice or thrice weekly application only and then gradually increase it to every night if your skin agrees with it.

Always use it only at bed time

The most common mistake is to apply retinol serum during the day. This is a light sensitive molecule and causes irritation redness burning sensation and skin sensitivity to UV radiation and hence should be applied only after sunset.

Do not mix it with other actives

There might be a lot of information which is wrong on the Internet but do not mix it with AHAs or BHAs to avoid burning and irritation.

Avoid harsh sunlight if you’re not wearing sunscreen. If you’re go on a holiday it’s wise to discontinue or decrease the percentage of the retinol serum one week prior.

Do not combine it with minimally invasive or abrasive Dermatology procedures like chemical peels or MNRF, or Fractional CO2. Always discontinue at least one week prior and three days after

Start with a minimal concentration like 0.01 and then gradually go up to 0.3 % serum. It can even be diluted with a moisturizer at bedtime

Overall, it’s a beautifully effective molecule that does wonders to your skin when used right and is loved by many!

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