US trying to set up military bases near Afghanistan, says Russian Foreign Minister

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has said that President Vladimir Putin has told his American counterpart Joe Biden at the Geneva Summit that the country is against the US attempts to form agreements with Central Asian countries to deploy the US military on their territory, reported TOLOnews.
The foreign minister claimed that the US is continuing the efforts to establish military bases in a country neighbouring Afghanistan, reported the news channel citing his interview with the Russian Television. The proposals have been sent to Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, however, the countries rejected the proposal, according to TOLOnews.
“Well aware of the Americans’ intrusiveness, I do not rule out that they will be pressing for the same aim from different sides. I’ve heard that they have been trying to persuade India to grant the Pentagon some opportunities on the Indian territory,” the news channel quoted Lavrov as saying.
Meanwhile, various reactions came up on the US proposals for the deployment of the forces.
“Certainly, the bases would be for suppressing Al Qaeda and Daesh, but the disaster would be with Afghans, ( Afghans will suffer ),” TOLOnews quoted the head of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan, Sayed Ishaq Gailani as saying.
“Forming military bases will affect the security of the region,” the news channel quoted former diplomat, Shukria Barekzai as saying.

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