US Senator introduces measure to trigger sanctions if Russia escalates Ukraine conflict

Washington [US],: US Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez introduced a measure this week that would trigger a broad range of sanctions against the Russian government if it engages in or supports a significant escalation of hostilities in or against Ukraine.
“Substantial new sanctions should be imposed in the event that the Government of the Russian Federation engages in escalatory military or other offensive operations against Ukraine,” the amendment reads. Under the amendment, the US president will determine whether the Russian government is engaged in or knowingly supports a significant escalation in hostilities or hostile action in or against Ukraine compared to levels before November 1, 2021.
The sanctions would target high-level Russian government and military officials, entities and officials tied to Nord Stream 2, Russian banks, and state-owned businesses.
The measure would also ban primary and secondary sovereign debt transactions.
Moreover, the measure would authorise additional security assistance for Ukraine.
The amendment was submitted to be part of the 2022 National Defence Authorization Act, which the US Senate agreed to begin debate on Friday morning.

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