US lawmakers introduce measure to end recognition of Putin as Russian President after 2024

Washington [US]: Two members of US Congress introduced a resolution to end the United States’ recognition of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia if he remains in power after 2024.
In April, Putin signed a law that gives the Russian head of state the right to seek two more terms in office. In a referendum held last summer, more than 77 per cent of Russians who participated voted in favour of the constitutional amendments, according to Russia’s Central Election Commission. “Congressman Steve Cohen, Co-Chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, better known as the Helsinki Commission, along with Ranking Member Joe Wilson of South Carolina, today introduced a Congressional Resolution to end recognition of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia after May 7, 2024, if the autocrat remains in power,” Cohen’s office said in a press release on Thursday.
The resolution claims irregularities in Russia’s elections have kept Putin in power and his continuation in office beyond 2024 would be illegitimate, according to the release.
The amendments envision a limit of two consecutive six-year terms for the President of the Russian Federation. The provision applies to the president at the time the legal changes enter into force, not taking into account the number of terms previously served in this position, thus paving the way for Putin to run again after his current term ends in 2024.

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