US, allies evacuate 1,200 people from Afghanistan in past 24 hrs

Washington DC [US], August 30 : The United States and coalition forces evacuated 1,200 people from Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, a White House official said on Monday.
“NEW: With 1,200 people evacuated from Kabul in the last 24 hours, the US has evacuated and facilitated the evacuation of approximately 116,700 people from Afghanistan since 8/14. The total number since the end of July is approximately 122,300 people,” Chris Meagher, a White House deputy secretary, tweeted. Meagher today informed that approximately 122,300 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the end of July.
In a joint statement on Sunday, the US and its partner countries had reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the safe travel of their citizens and at-risk Afghans outside Afghanistan.
“We are all committed to ensuring that our citizens, nationals and residents, employees, Afghans who have worked with us and those who are at risk can continue to travel freely to destinations outside Afghanistan,” US State Department said in a joint statement by dozens of countries.
The statement added the US and its partner countries have received assurances from the Taliban that all foreign nationals and any Afghan citizen with proper documents will be allowed to proceed to exit the country.
This comes as multiple reports have indicated that the Taliban will establish full control over the Kabul airport on Tuesday after the US troops withdrawal.
The Taliban are engaged in consultations with Turkey and Qatar on technical assistance for the airport operation in Kabul, Al Jazeera reported, citing a source in the group.

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