‘Urdu Should Be Given Attention In India’, Says Javed Akhtar

While launching an Urdu poetry album titled Shayarana – Sartaj with spouse Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar emphasized the significance of the Urdu language and the function Punjab performed in its past boom and prominence. He also said that Urdu does not belong to Pakistan or Egypt; it belongs to ‘Hindustan’.

The veteran lyricist and writer spoke approximately the poems in the almost extinct ‘Urdu’ language from Punjab and praised Dr Satinder Sartaaj for preserving it alive.

At the event, Javed said, “Urdu hasn’t come from every other location…It is our own language. It isn’t spoken outdoors, Hindustan…Pakistan also came into existence after partition from India; in advance, it was part of India’s handiest. So, the language isn’t spoken outside Hindustan…”

He delivered, “Punjab has a large contribution toward Urdu, and it’s far the language of India! But why did you go away with this language? Because of partition? Because of Pakistan? Urdu should take delivery of interest. Earlier, it became most effective Hindustan – Pakistan later separated from Hindustan. Now Pakistan said that Kashmir is ours…Will you consider that? I assume ‘No’! Likewise, Urdu is a Hindustan(i) language that stays (so). Nowadays, new technology youths speak less Urdu and Hindi in our country. Today more awareness is of English. We must speak in Hindi as it’s our national language.”

The author also believed that language isn’t based totally on religions, however, of areas. Given the instance of Europe, he shared that if language were primarily based on faith, then it’d simplest have one language.

Last month, Javed had travelled for a literary event held in the memory of renowned Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. A video of Javed speaking about the relations between India and Pakistan had become viral on social media.

The writer had said, “I wouldn’t hesitate to say that though we have organised so many grand functions of Nusrat (Fateh Ali Khan) sahab and Mehdi Hassan sahab in our country, you couldn’t organise a single event of Lata (Mangeshkar) ji.”

Last week, he visited the home of the overdue actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik to pay his condolences after he died of a coronary heart attack on March nine. Satish had visited Javed’s home to celebrate Holi in advance of the week.

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