UNSC calls for justice after terrorist attack in Afghanistan’s Kunduz

New York [US]: Condemning the recent attack on a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province, the UN Security Council (UNSC) has underlined the need to hold perpetrators, organisers, and sponsors of terrorism to justice.
“The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the atrocious and cowardly terrorist attack in Kunduz, Afghanistan on 8 October 2021,” the UNSC said on Saturday. A bomb exploded at a Shia mosque in Kunduz province during a Friday prayer. The attack was claimed by Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP), and resulted in more than 150 casualties.
Extending their deepest sympathy, the members of the Security Council reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.
“The members of the Security Council underlined the need to hold perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism accountable and bring them to justice,” the statement read.
The members of the Security Council reiterated that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed.
On Saturday, the European Union External Action Service (EEAS) had said that the rights of all Afghan citizens, including the right to life and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, must be respected and most importantly protected.

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